About Our Firm

Regulatory oversight can make business decisions more complex and uncertainty surrounding regulatory requirements forces caution. A proactive approach to regulatory compliance is the solution. By engaging with regulators and establishing defined processes, executives can build confidence in decisions and be nimble in business execution. Based in Washington, DC McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC’s legal counsel develops strong regulatory strategies for clients.

McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC helps clients efficiently navigate the complex maze of federal and state laws and regulations. Applying our legal knowledge and experience, we find creative solutions to overcome the legal challenges faced by our clients so they can execute their business initiatives with confidence.

Our clients are involved in a variety of industries including banking, insurance, consumer finance, financial institutions engaged in the business of insurance, and environmental and product safety. The services we provide range from regulatory advocacy to compliance audits, to ongoing counsel on business plans involving contracts, licensing, marketing, and similarly impacted areas.

Founded in 1996 by Jim McIntyre and Chrys Lemon, we are a boutique firm with difficult to replicate substantive and political knowledge and experience. Because of our focus, we can support clients with comprehensive services to help solve their legal and regulatory challenges while remaining easy to work with and reasonable in engagements.

CFPB Releases Spring 2017 Rulemaking Agenda

The CFPB announced the publication its Spring 2017 rulemaking agenda.

Hot Topic: CFPB Cannot Regulate Optional Insurance Sales

Dodd-Frank limits the CFPB's jurisdiction over insurance. Though the CFPB can exercise some authority over insurance activities, their reach should not extend to optional sales by banks.

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