Consumer Finance and Installment Lending

Consumer finance companies and installment lenders must contend with complex regulatory requirements. The uncertainty created by multiple regulatory bodies can make business decisions a challenge. An attorney who understands the complex web of regulatory requirements can provide the necessary guidance to mitigate compliance risk.

McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC helps clients efficiently navigate the complex maze of federal and state laws and regulations. Applying our legal knowledge and experience, we find creative solutions to overcome the legal challenges faced by our clients so they can execute their business initiatives with confidence.

For consumer finance companies, installment lenders, and their service providers, multiple business functions are impacted by compliance requirements. From marketing to privacy, few areas escape the scrutiny of regulators. Our attorneys develop strategies and processes to achieve compliance, and offer sound guidance on business decisions that are affected by regulatory concerns. With McIntyre & Lemon as your advisor, you can be confident and decisive in your execution.

We help consumer finance companies with:

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