Environmental & Product Safety Regulatory Counsel

Manufacturers are subject to both federal and state environment and product safety laws and regulations covering a host of issues, including occupational safety and health, marketing, manufacturing, and product labeling. The risk from non-compliance poses a significant financial and operational hazard. McIntyre & Lemon helps product manufacturers manage risk by providing legal counsel on regulatory program developments and, when appropriate, engaging with regulatory agencies.

McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC helps clients efficiently navigate the complex maze of federal and state laws and regulations. Applying our legal knowledge and experience, we find creative solutions to overcome the legal challenges faced by our clients so they can execute their business initiatives with confidence.

McIntyre & Lemon is uniquely qualified to engage on environmental and product safety legal issues. We have a long history of representing associations and companies with respect to both state and federal environmental and product safety regulations. We understand the proper way to build compliance programs and engage with regulators. We use our knowledge and insight to develop compliance strategies and processes as well as provide guidance on business decisions which may be affected by regulatory concerns.

Some of the environmental and product safety services we provide to manufacturers and associations include:

For more information on how we can help solve your compliance challenges or mitigate the risk from non-compliance, contact us.

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